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About Pfizer Originals

For over 150 years we have manufactured the highest quality of products and we will continue to do so. We want to help you manage your health, by making the products you know and trust available and accessible.

People around the world trust and depend on Pfizer medications every single day to improve their quality of life. We are dedicated to enhancing this trust with innovative products by investing in research for a variety of new medications.

Save with Pfizer

With the Pfizer Originals Program, you can also save on
these Pfizer original brand medications with the Pfizer Originals savings card.
This card can be used with or without your public or private insurance.

Coverage and availability vary by brand medication and province.
Card coverage may vary based on patient plan.

The Pfizer Originals Program

If you prefer to stay on the Pfizer original brand medication you can continue to do so even after a generic becomes available. There are currently 20 Pfizer original brand medications included in the Pfizer Originals Program.

Is my medication covered?

Not all Pfizer original brand medications are covered by the Program, so make sure to check whether your medication is!

To learn more about living a healthy and balanced life,
visit our More Than Medication website.